Label Hoarder is a new online boutique supplying women of all sizes with the best fashion for an affordable rate. Customers have the ability to browse our closet of new and pre-owned luxury items at a drastically discounted rate. Moreover, you can sell us your items (as long as the item meets our specifications) and get paid within 48 hours for that item. Items sold through Label Hoarder are guaranteed to be authentic and comes backed with a 14 day return policy.

Label Hoarder


Step 1: Submit pictures pictures and other information through our app or website. You will receive a quote within 24 – 48 hours via email.

Step 2: If the offer is accepted we will email you a FedEx shipping label at no cost. Please make sure you secure the item safely.

Step 3: We send payment to you within 24 hours of receiving the item at our facility. Customers can stop in our Orlando office to receive same day service.

Note: If we receive a damaged item that was not specified, we can either return the item back to you (at your expense) or we will donate the item to one of our non-profit affiliates.


Label Hoarder serves as a new age boutique specializing in the distribution of designer brand clothing, accessories, jewelry and shoes from various sources. Label Hoarders is a platform that allows women of all shapes and sizes, the opportunity to browse reasonably priced designer brands at ease.

Housing over 200 designer brands, Label Hoarder is the premiere closet for brands from Gucci, Prada, Alexander McQueen and many more. Moreover, we specify which items are new, pre-owned, or if the item is damaged. Upon purchase our team will ensure your order is cleaned and steamed prior to being packaged. To browse our list of designers please click here.


Through our partnership with local charities if an item is rejected during our second phase of approval (the party has mailed us the item and we are physically verifying its’ authenticity), the mailing party can either ask for that item back or we will donate it to a local charity and that party will receive a $20 credit.